Beatriz Ball Baby Cross Frame (4x6 Vertical)

$ 72.00

Quality That’s Meant to Last!

Of heirloom quality, BEATRIZ BALL handmade metalware will not tarnish or lose its shine. It can be used with confidence to heat, chill and safely serve food.

Made of eco-friendly, 100% recycled aluminum

Easy care, never tarnish

Chill or warm foods up to 350 degrees

Okay for acidic foods

To prevent stains, do not store food or leave in standing water for long periods of time

No dishwasher

As with any metal, do not cut on surface

Items with a patina are food safe, but we do not recommend for oven use

Items in our RAVENNA and CATENA Collections are food safe, but we do not recommend for oven use

For normal cleaning, soap and warm water; towel dry

For cleaning items in our RAVENNA and CATENA Collections, soap and warm water; do not soak; do not use abrasive materials; towel dry immediately

For shine pick up, we recommend Maas Metal Polish

For deeper cleaning, or when pieces have been put into the dishwasher, or when food or water have been left in pieces longer than 4-6 hours, try Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

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